Mark Webber 

Mark Webber truly captures the essential qualities of the desolate highway. Foretold and pioneered by William Eggleston and then carried on by Wim Wenders, it is now a subject matter one has frequently seen; if through photography or watching the classic American Road-Trip unravel on the big screen. However, Mark Webber shows us his own unique take and glimpse into the harshly cold province Alberta, Canada. Far from the heat of Texas, Marks photos convey the mysterious early and late moments on the piercing, sub zero lonesome highway. Lenz Agency is extremely excited to be representing Mark Webber and is selling a very finely selected and limited quantity of Mark's  most notable work, all exclusive  to the agency. 


"My work is mostly made at night during long drives into the early hours of the morning, I’ll have my favourite music playing and I kind of dive into an emotional headspace. I’ll rarely be looking for anything specific but there is always a light or a shape that will draw me into a scene. I’m generally a private person and I think the theme of solitude comes out naturally when I’m making photographs".

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